The Issues

Making an impact on the #Road2FarmAid

All across the country, people are working together to create a new food system.

Progress can be seen in new and beginning farmers who are uncovering innovative ways to run their farms. In urban farms that are replacing vacant lots in cities. In food policy councils that are committed to bringing fresh, healthy foods to people who need it. In schools where farm-fresh food is replacing packaged, processed meals in the cafeteria. And in farmers markets where farmers and eaters connect and communities come together.

Family farmers in the United States continue to face extreme economic pressure and thousands are pushed off the land every year. A handful of powerful corporations control our food system, challenging farmers and threatening the very existence of the family farm in America. As family farms are forced out, the quality of our food, the health of our soil and water, and our economy are at stake. Corporate consolidation and unchecked power siphons money away from family farmers and the communities that depend on them.

On the #Road2FarmAid, we can all take part in tackling these challenges, strengthening our communities, and bringing equity and fairness to our farm and food system.

Our food system might be controlled by just a few, but there 2 million family farmers and more than 320 million eaters nationwide. Each one of us can use our voice, our vote and our fork to join family farmers, make a difference, and ensure that everyone has access to fresh, healthy foods.

Learn more about the issues at the heart of our food movement and take action today.