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Share Your #Road2FarmAid Story

Share the moments that make up the movement.

We all have great stories about the moments that happen on the #Road2FarmAid.

Your favorite farm stand that has the sweetest corn. The look on your kids’ faces when you took them strawberry picking for the first time. The moment you decided you’d grow up to be a farmer. That time you saw Willie, Neil, John and Dave stand up with family farmers at a Farm Aid concert, and went home to raise awareness in your own community. Or the accomplishment you felt when you advocated for a new farmers market at your local town hall meeting, so that more people know where their food comes from.

These are the moments that inspire us to take action and make a difference.

Share your story on social media to encourage your friends and family to take action and you could win tickets to Farm Aid 2016.

Just remember to tag your content with #Road2FarmAid so that we can all be inspired.


I support family farmers and you can, too, on the
tweet-graphic-trans-sm I’m joining @FarmAid and family farmers in the fight for equity and fairness in our farm food system. #Road2FarmAid


facebook-25 Family farmers are at the heart of the Good Food Movement. Join me in making their voices heard on the #Road2FarmAid
facebook-25 Our food belongs to all of us. Join us on the #Road2FarmAid as we fight to keep the power in the hands of many, not just the profits of a few!

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